After 1 year of GDPR: what is the GDPR maturity level of your organisation?

GDPR self-assessment


What is the GDPR maturity level of your organisation?

It’s been 1 year since the GDPR has come into force. All over Europe, national Data Protection Authorities have started imposing fines to companies infringing the GDPR, whether they act as a data controller or as a processor. Amongst these, a €50.000 fine has for example been inflicted by the Italian Data Protection Authority to a processor with regard to its IT platform, a €220.000 fine has been imposed in Poland to a digital marketing company, a €440.000 fine in Portugal to a hospital, and a €50 million fine by France to Google.

The Belgian Data Protection Authority, which has replaced the Privacy Commission, has become fully operational and its president recently announced the Authority will start to play a more active role as a privacy watchdog. It didn’t wait long to take action: on May, 28th 2019 the first Belgian fine was issued by the Belgian Data Protection Authority. All the more reason to verify how compliant your organisation is with the data protection legislation and whether you would be able to adequately respond in case of a data breach.

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No problem if you are not a data privacy expert, our tool is designed for all people in the organisation who are more or less involved in data protection.

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